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We now have new simulators with 42 courses to choose from! Call for league pricing.

Extreme measurement accuracy of ball velocity, trajectory, angle, and spin rate. Quiet High-Resolution impact screen with great image projection quality and extreme durability. Best-in-class video projector for an extremely realistic and truly immersive gaming experience.

Simulators: Products

Golf simulators are not video games but computer-run facilities that demand real clubs and real effort. The ball is aimed at a heavy vinyl screen showing a golf course, one shot at a time. Sensors on the floor measure the angle, the force and striking point of the club to the ball. 
Golf simulators are complete with hole-by-hole advice for pros and novices alike on which club to choose and how to make a correct tee shot. Golfers need not be afraid of putting their full strength into the swing because the screen absorbs the ball's impact. The rest is virtual reality.

Golf Clubs

The simulators at Creekside Golf Dome include high-end touch screen game PCs equipped with top performance graphics hardware & easy-to-use game controls. Also featured is advanced ball tracking technology featuring high-speed machine cameras collecting in excess of 700 frames per second.


Call for reservations or create your own league and call for scheduling at 330-545-5000. 

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